Quik Pick Expands Chassis Fleet in Oakland, Los Angeles and Long Beach

May 1, 2013

Quik Pick Express, LLC is pleased to announce the expansion of our container chassis program.  Over the past 12 months, many Steam Ship Lines and Port Terminals have elected to exit the chassis business on the west coast.  As a result, port chassis are in short supply and Motor Carriers are being forced to utilize expensive pool chassis at an increased cost to the customer.

The terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles,Long Beach and Oakland all charge cargo owners a daily fee for the use of these chassis, and it is difficult to return port chassis in less than 2-4 days.  This delay recognizes the reality of frequent port closures many nights and every weekend. 

The initial QPE chassis were deployed in our Oakland location with additional chassis being added weekly to our Southern California operations.

George Boyle, President/CEO, announced the acquisition saying; This purchase will significantly increase our drayage capacity and reduce costs to our customers as we look to continue our growth throughout the state.   

If you have a need for drayage services in Los Angeles, Long Beach or Oakland, please contact for a competitive quote.