Port of LA Interviews Quik Pick & Watson Land Co Regarding Heavy Weight Corridor Expansion in Carson

March 15, 2013

Port of Los Angeles – Latitude Video - Quik Pick Express, LLC

The Port of Los Angeles regularly produces informative videos that relate to the Port and the interesting things that affect the import and export community. 

This episode involves the expansion of the overweight corridor to include an area in South Carson where Quik Pick Express’ Southern California operations are located.   The video includes interviews with Jeff Jennison of Watson Land and George Boyle of Quik Pick Express.  Each discuss the affect that this landmark decision will have on the local economy and on their customers. 

The video was shot at Quik Pick's main warehouse and office along with a few other local  sites.  

To view the video, just click the link below to be redirected, or cut and paste the same into your browser. 

LAtitude Video on the Overweight Corridor

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