Quik Pick Adds Taylor Lift to Heavy Weight Forklift Fleet

January 9, 2014

Quik Pick Express, LLC announced the acquisition of a new 40,000 lb Taylor forklift this week for our heavyweight transloading operation. The purchase occurred as a result of increasing demand for heavy weight drayage and transloading capacity in the LA/LB heavy weight corridor and the addition of a new customer who required this capacity.

George Boyle said that this additional lifting capacity will greatly enhance our ability to handle heavyweight transloads safely and securely at our four Southern California warehouses.  Each warehouse is located within the heavy weight corridor near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.   

Quik Pick’s Carson facilities provide harbor drayage, hazmat transport, bonded cartage, heavy weight drayage, out of gage drayage, warehousing, transloading, kitting, local FCL and LTL trucking utilizing full EDI capabilities for our customers.    

If you have a need for drayage, warehousing or truckling services in Los Angeles, Long Beach or Oakland, please contact sales@quikpickexpress.comfor a competitive quote.